Why you should take regular gaming breaks

Gamers often pride themselves on their stamina, and their ability to play for hours, non-stop. These marathon sessions are seen as proof of your genuine passion for gaming: they show that you’re hardcore. Hardcore gamers like to impress each other with tales of all-night gaming that are part machismo, part masochism. Push through the pain barrier, dude; breaks are for losers, right?

Actually, no: breaks are for winners. Taking regular gaming breaks will not only let you look after your health, but it will also almost certainly improve your playing ability. After all, who’s more likely to win: the player who’s in top physical condition, alert, calm and well-rested, or the player who’s tired, cranky, stiff, and in pain? Taking breaks from gaming every so often may not be cool, but it’s essential.

Chill out time


You’re never playing at your best if you’re angry or frustrated. This applies not just with those video games where you just can’t crack the next level, but also to the best NJ online casino where you’re playing for real money and the stakes are high. If you feel yourself getting cranky, it’s a good time to step away and calm down.

This is especially necessary if you’re in a poker room or another multiplayer situation, as the last thing you should be doing is taking out your bad mood on other people. If you know about gambling, you know that playing over-aggressively can cause you to make obvious mistakes. Some chill-out time is essential if you want to get back on form.

Warning signs


Young gamers often think they can power through, ignoring their body’s warning signs. But even then, you’re building up problems for later in life. Older players will definitely feel the effect of playing for too long without a break. They include pain in your hands, wrists, back, shoulders, neck and eyes, as well as brain fog.

When you stand up, you’re stiff and hobbling around, and you may have trouble sleeping, or start to suffer from headaches the next day. Before you know it, you’ve developed a condition like carpal tunnel syndrome that can leave you in constant pain or impact negatively on your day-to-day life.

Preventative medicine


Prevention is the best cure and developing good habits before severe problems manifest is better than trying to patch them up later. The standard advice is to take a five-to-ten-minute break after every hour of gaming. Stand up, stretch and walk around. Drink some water and look out of the window or get some fresh air. A short break every hour is better than a longer break every two or three hours.

Look out for joint pains, back pains or a sense of being groggy and unfocused. If your body is telling you that you need a break, listen to it rather than go by the clock. Remember that time distortion is a known side effect of playing video games, and it can be difficult sometimes to keep track of how long you’ve been going for.

Taking a break is especially important for children who can become over-stimulated by too much time playing video games. As adults, we might even want to take a longer break from playing every so often to make sure we’re not neglecting other areas of our lives. Gaming is great fun and has many benefits. But if you’re really hardcore, you know that taking regular breaks makes sense.