NBA 2K21 – Court Players with the Best ‘Athleticism’ Stats (Part 2)

In NBA 2K21, the best in-game basketball players usually showcase profound Athleticism stats which help them stay on top of their game throughout matches, especially in MyTeam (MT) mode.

After an earlier list showcasing the first few players whom boast the highest individual ratings for specific stats under the ‘Athleticism’ attribute (Athleticism (Part 1)), here are another few notable talents who are the best in the game for the remaining few components under the category.

Let’s begin:



LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers): OVR 97

– The iconic LeBron James is not only the highest-rated player in NBA 2K21, but also has the most vigor and endurance too. You can certainly look for him to play out a single match without needing to reach out towards the substitutes’ bench every now and then.

  • Stamina: 99


Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors): OVR 97

– Currently, there are four (4) in-game basketball players whom boast the highest rating in Hustle. Nevertheless, Stephen Curry receives the honour due to his much more profound overall stats in NBA 2K21. Here, he is evidently one of the most dependable players who can sniff out a rebound ball or even loose pass to execute a swift play-counter.

  • Hustle: 98


Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers): OVR 94

–  The acclaimed Point Guard shares top spot on Overall Durability with another well-known court player, Cole Anthony. Still, due to his significant overall power levels, Damian Lillard wins in the Overall Durability category, most probably ensuring that he is able to go through any match unscathed and undeterred.

  • Overall Durability: 98

After reviewing these spectacular basketball players in NBA 2K21, it is unsurprising to see their coin prices skyrocket wildly in the Auction House.

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